Braindead Liberals

I suspect these “women” marches have more to do with being butthurt about their precious, crooked Hilary losing than anything else.  They’ve been fed sh__ so long that they now can’t seem to handle living without it.  It’s kinda like “The Matrix”, these people don’t even realize that they’re “plugged in” to the lies they’ve been fed for years by the mainstream media.

Celebrity agitators/liars/idiots.  Gloria Steinem, “If you force Muslims to register, we will all register as Muslims.”  Be careful what you wish for; did you forget the high esteem and respect for women that moslem men have?    Ashley Judd, hmm, ok , just a potty-mouthed elitist, who’s takes her clothes off on film (for $$$$$).  Thanks for all you’ve done for American girls & women-oh yeah, nothing.




So the Republican candidate for President used some bad language a decade or so ago; who cares?  While I certainly don’t condone his behavior/language in this instance, I’d much prefer that “our” President use bad language than bad judgement. At least he admitted to it & apologized for it-the Democratic candidate has never admitted to any of her shenanigans.  She seems to develop amnesia when questioned about her past “transgressions”.  It certainly seems that one candidate is being held to a higher standard than the other.

Oh, I forgot one thing: most men are pigs.  Some grow out of it & some never do.


A former pig

What in the world?!

I’m embarrassed to be a Washingtonian after Tuesdays voting results.  Evidently most of us don’t give a rats rear about what’s in the food that we’re eating!  Some of “us” must not have a friggin’ clue.  I can’t figure out if “we” really don’t want to know about the Roundup we’re consuming with our food or whether “we’re” so stupid that we bought into Monsanto’s (among others) lies.  It’s sickening-both figuratively & literally!


“Others have pleaded financial hardship and stuck with it, or in the case of Rep.  Keith Ellison, D-Minn., said they’re not to blame for the shutdown so they will  keep their salary. “I oppose the shutdown, don’t believe in it, and did not  cause it,” Ellison said.”

LOTS of federal workers feel the same way, but it doesn’t seem to faze “our” congress.  Try listening to your constituents, not the bribers (lobbyists), for once.  Most of the country are really sick & tired of your petty pissin’ contest.  You (congress & pres) definitely aren’t “earning” the paychecks that you’re still receiving.  Get off your arses & come to an agreement already–enough is enough!

And Down the Slippery Slope We Slide

Let’s start by flushing the turds – all elected representatives who no longer represent us, but their own special interests – out of all government (Federal, State & Local).  Then, ban lobbyists.  The pissing contest in the US Congress would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that they’re playing with our money & future.  As for conflicts abroad, that’s what the UN is supposed to be for, not for US to pour $$ & lives into something that evidently only some Americans find abhorrent.


Tata 4 now!

Just Gettin’ Started

Why is it that once again in 2012, we’re stuck with the choice of the devil we know vs. the devil we don’t know?

Are there no other viable candidates that want the job?

I’m afraid that we’re headed down a slippery slope.

Something has to change…


UPDATE (10/9/2016):  More true now than ever. (Original post 4/25/2012)