Braindead Liberals

I suspect these “women” marches have more to do with being butthurt about their precious, crooked Hilary losing than anything else.  They’ve been fed sh__ so long that they now can’t seem to handle living without it.  It’s kinda like “The Matrix”, these people don’t even realize that they’re “plugged in” to the lies they’ve been fed for years by the mainstream media.

Celebrity agitators/liars/idiots.  Gloria Steinem, “If you force Muslims to register, we will all register as Muslims.”  Be careful what you wish for; did you forget the high esteem and respect for women that moslem men have?    Ashley Judd, hmm, ok , just a potty-mouthed elitist, who’s takes her clothes off on film (for $$$$$).  Thanks for all you’ve done for American girls & women-oh yeah, nothing.